Pin Trading: Tips & Tricks

I can’t believe that I have 35 days until I get to Disney! AHHHH!

Well, after my little freak out of excitement there, I’d love to hop in to my blog post for today which is all about the super entertaining world of pin trading! I’ve been pin trading since December when my fiancΓ©’s family introduced it to me, but they’ve been trading for so darn long now haha.

To give you a little explanation of pin trading, Disney creates official Disney pins that are in several collections with a multitude of characters and designs. The name of the game is to collect whichever pins tickle your fancy. I love classic (red) Minnie Mouse as well as Minnie and Mickey pins. I’m also a sucker for collections, so if I see one that I particularly like, I’ll start building that collection.

You can obtain pins one of two ways, through purchase at a Disney park or purchase online. Obviously, Disney is the more reputable of the two, but their pins come at quite the premium. I’m talking $6-$10 per pin, which can rack up to quite the amount of money. You can also purchase official Disney pins from sellers on Amazon, Ebay, and the like, but be sure to do your research beforehand. There are knockoff pins that are not eligible for trade at a Disney park, so read up on a sellers reviews and products before you buy anything.

In order to pin trade, you’ll need a collection of ‘throwaway’ or ‘tradable’ pins, pins that are great on their own but you personally don’t want. Once you get to a Disney park or the Downtown Disney/Disney Springs areas, you’ll see cast members with lanyards that are also full of pins. All you have to do is walk up and ask to take a look at their pins. You made trade one pin per cast member, and all you have to do is give them one of your pins in return. Many of the merchandise stores also have pin boards that you can trade from, just ask for it from the cast member at the register. The Disney Vacation Club people also have boards, pretty much every single one we saw while walking around DTD had a pin board that we could check out, so keep an eye peeled for their carts and stores πŸ™‚

One thing that I would mention before I finish up however, is that if there are any limited edition pins on sale in the pin/merchandise shops, I’d snap those up because they’re pretty hard to find from cast members. Some cast members will do a ‘mystery pin’ where they put a pin upside down on their lanyard and you have to pick it without knowing what it is, and those can be special pins but they’re few and far between. My sister-in-law got one that way pin trading in December, but I didn’t see another one in all four days we spent time there.

If you have any other questions about pin trading or Disney in general, feel free to drop me a line in the comments. Otherwise, have a magical day and I’ll see y’all real soon. πŸ™‚

My Latest Disney Trip: Day 3

Our third and final day at the parks was far more laid back and relaxing. By this point, we’d done most of what we had wanted to accomplish and the crowds had lessened, so it was much more enjoyable.

We headed over to Disneyland first so that we could meet more characters and go a couple rides again (ahem, Pirates, which is one of the best rides ever haha). On our way down main street, we actually came across Christmas Mickey, so naturally we stopped to take a picture with him.


I also dressed in as much Minnie Mouse clothing as I had, which included a red Minnie shirt you can’t see under my jacket, my Minnie ears, a charm bracelet with Mickey, Minnie, and the 60th anniversary castle on it, and a Minnie Mouse watch πŸ™‚

Next we headed over to Toontown because I hadn’t been there yet. My mother-in-law convinced me that I needed to go on Rodger Rabbit, and I haven’t actually seen the movie but the ride was super fun. Right outside the exit for the ride there’s a door that says “don’t open”, which, in Disney, naturally means you should open it. My mother-in-law decided to do so and screamed when the sound and lights meant to simulate an explosion appeared haha.

I took a few pictures around the fountain and by Goofy’s house because Isaac’s favorite character is Mickey, so of course I had to. Speaking of the boys, they were still in the hotel at this time slowly getting up and ready for the day. There was no way I was sleeping in when I could go to Disneyland!

After I took pictures by Goofy’s house, Malane and I headed over to meet both Mickey and Minnie. Mickey was in his Fantasmic outfit and Minnie was in her classic polka dot dress πŸ™‚


PlutoΒ was also hanging around, and he’s Malane’s favorite character so there’s no way we were leaving without getting another picture with him.


Overall, our entire trip to Disney was the most magical thing I’ve experienced in a very long time. The fact that I got engaged there just added to the experience, and it’s not going to be forgotten for a very long time.

My Latest Disney Trip: Day 2

Onto day two of my latest Disney adventure πŸ™‚

This day was actually the shortest one out of all the days. I slept in that morning because I was tired from all of the excitement that last night. Well, let me rephrase that, I slept in until maybe nine in the morning and then sat up and looked through all of the photos and videos that had been taken from the day before.

Cass and my in-laws-to-be allΒ got up earlier to head out to the parks that morning, leaving us to relax a bit. Once Isaac and his best friend Calen who was also hanging with us in the hotel room woke, we slowly got ourselves ready for the day and headed out to the parks. John and Malane (my lovely in-laws) had gotten four fast passes to Splash Mountain, which is how I persuaded to boys to get ready and even come to the parks instead of lounging around more.

Once we arrived in Critter Country, we had about five minutes to use the fast passes and we thankfully got on the ride. I actually didn’t know this, but Isaac hadn’t ever been on the ride yet and neither had Calen, so they were a small bit apprehensive. Cass and Isaac both had sweatshirts on too, so Calen and I convinced them to sit in the front so that they’d take on the brunt of the water πŸ™‚


Following that ride, we decided to eat at the French Market Restaurant. I had this awesome corn chowder dish and we all split some beignets. Then, since we were in New Orleans Square anyways, we hopped on over to the Pirates of the Carribean ride. One thing that I will say, Isaac’s grandparents who also came along with us couldn’t walk all day long, so they had the electric scooters, and it was kind of a nice perk to go on a ride or two with them because we got to hop on through the exit. Pirates was one such ride.

I found out during lunch that the rest of the group had also procured two fast passes for Indiana Jones, and since neither Calen nor I had gone on it, we were chosen as the lucky pair. Calen is actually not a big fan of rollercoasters or thrill rides (as I had discerned from the Splash Mountain escapades), he was extremely hesitant to get on Indy. in line the ride broke down for a bit and it was not helping his resolve to go on said ride. But, I did manage to get him on it, and though he quite nearly flipped out as we were taking off, he made it through and the ride is now one of his favorites. The same thing happened with Big Thunder Mountain.


Someone looks pleased about riding Big Thunder Mountain πŸ˜›

Once we’d conquered the coaster, we headed back over to California Adventure because there were a few rides that I wanted to go on there. John as well as Isaac’s grandparents headed back to the hotel because it had been a fairly long day for them. Tower of Terror is one of my favorite rides, so I was super happy to head over there again.

Can you find me? πŸ˜€

Isaac still had an essay to write, so the two of us headed back while Cassy, Calen, and Isaac’s mom Malane still played in the park. It actually ended up raining a bit as we were headed back, so the three of them enjoyed the park with little to no wait times because no one wanted to hang around in the cold, December weather while it was raining. I actually ended up falling asleep for the night ironically enough, so there ended my nice and relaxed day two of Disney πŸ˜›