Application Stage Three: DCP Phone Interview

You’ve finally gotten to the dreaded phone interview. Some people highly dislike this part of the process while others don’t mind it at all. I fell into the latter category, but that’s because I had time to prepare and knew what to expect.

Tips & tricks for the phone interview

  1. Your phone interview time slots will be listed in Eastern Time unless you change it. Make sure you select the proper timezone before picking out your time. You might accidentally go for 8:45 am but realize later that it actually means 6:45 am because of the time difference. Fear not, however, if you mess up you can go back a reregister for a different time.
  2. Pick a time where you don’t have any pressing things going on. Set aside at least an hour block of time for this interview. Disney reserves the right to call you anytime between 15 minutes before the scheduled time to 15 minutes after they said they’d call. The call also usually takes 20-30 minutes, so you don’t want to be watching the clock because you have a class in fifteen minutes when you’re supposed to be focused on the interview.
  3. Don’t go in blind, that’s setting yourself up for failure. Yeah, maybe you think you can wing it, but do you really wanna risk this opportunity on your improv skills?
  4. Smile. The interviewers can hear your tone of voice, and they’re looking for those upbeat people who will represent Disney well. Just a simple smile can make a world of difference.
  5. Dress like an actual interview. I know the interviewer can’t see you, but that doesn’t mean that you should not take this as seriously. If you dress like you’re going to an actual interview, then it puts you in the right state of mind.
  6. Remember your interviewer’s name. This one is a bit tricky, I know for me I was so focused on preparing myself that I forgot to remember my interviewer’s name. If you do manage to catch it, use it at the end to thank them for their time and you even have the chance to send a little thank you email. I kinda kicked myself for not doing that, but I did still get in, so it’s not a make or break thing.
  7. Don’t watch the Youtube videos with complete interviews. They change from interview to interview, so it will not necessarily help you. Plus if you watch older ones, the questions and roles have probably been adapted and changed.

Alright, well, hopefully this has been a little bit helpful for you on your trek to apply for the college program. Before I go, here’s a link to the document I used to prepare myself for the interview. It has many of the general questions that they may ask as well as questions specifically for PhotoPass, Character Attendant, Merchandise, Attractions, and Character performer, which were all roles that I had wanted. It also has the answers that I prepared ahead of time listed there.

One note about prepping answers beforehand: don’t just read off your paper. Typing up your answers beforehand is a great way to get your brain in order, but they can tell if you’re just reading off an answer as opposed to creating it on the spot.
DCP Phone Interview

Feel free to drop me a question in the comments if anything is unclear or if you would like to know something 🙂
You can also check out the video version of this over on YouTube.