WDW College Program Housing Options

Today I’d love to introduce y’all to the housing options that Disney provides their CPs. Small disclaimer before I begin, I only really know about WDW because that is where I am stationed at. If anyone has been a Disneyland CP, feel free to comment and let me know how housing is there.

When you decide to live on Disney property, you have four different options for apartments: Vista Way, Patterson, Chatham, and the Commons. There are several pros and cons to each, so you wanna take that into account when you’re thinking of where you wanna stay and how many roommates you’ll have.

Vista Way
Built in 1987, these are the oldest apartments
This is the bus hub, so every single bus will stop here somewhere along it’s route
These apartments do have the ‘party central’ reputation, although I am sure you could find parties at the other complexes as well

A lot of the housing events are located in this complex
This one is a fairly “middle of the road” selection, as it is nicer than Vista but you don’t pay the premium of Commons or Patterson
Every bus stops here as well so transportation is very easy.

Being the newest, these apartments are slightly nicer than the others
However, Patterson does not have a bus stop as it is literally across the street from Chatham. It takes about five to ten minutes to walk to the Chatham bus stop.

The Commons
These used to, and still are in some respect, used for international students
All of the apartments have washers and dryers inside them
Not all of the buses end up stopping here, so if you are not bringing a car, that could be a problem. You can walk to Chatham as it is just around the corner, but that can be annoying a 2 am in the morning.

Fall 2016 Pricing
Please keep in mind that this pricing could potentially change at any time. However, what I can give you is the prices that my roommates and I are looking at for our stay with Disney this year.


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Exciting News!

Hi friends!
I can barely contain my excitement, but that’s because I just got my acceptance email from the Disney College Program! I’ve been offered the role of Quick Service Food and Beverage, which is so not the role I wanted but hey, it’s Disney, so I will totally take it. I’ll be there for the Fall Advantage program, so I’ll be in Florida from mid/late May to early January. I’m so stoked to continue capturing this journey for y’all, I’ll be back for more information later 😀