College Program Packing List

So this is the fun part where I let y’all know what’s on my list to fit into two suitcases and a carry-on for the flight to Orlando. I figured I’d post this so that if you’re needing a little help with what to bring to the DCP, you can take a look and get some inspiration. Granted, I might add or take away a few things in the two months that I have until then, but we’ll see where it goes 🙂

To Bring

  • Pillows – I might have to grab a new one while in Disney because I have two fluffy pillows that really aren’t very good to sleep on, they’re more decoration, and then one sad little pillow that’s become so smooshed.
  • Sheets – preferably black or red ones, because when in Disney, one must go all out 🙂
  • Blankets – I have several fuzzy blankets (I don’t have an addiction, I don’t know what you’re talking about) so those will definitely be joining me on this trip.
  • Tupperware – Leftovers for the win!
  • T-shirts – Including and with special emphasis on Disney items 🙂
  • Jeans – For the days that get cold (which, I’m told, won’t be for a while. Score!)
  • Shorts – No one wants to overheat when visiting Disney!
  • Sweater – Specifically for Traditions, a nice cardigan perhaps
  • Jacket – I have a Minnie Mouse hoodie I absolutely adore, so that’s definitely coming, along with a a grey trench coat I wear all the time.
  • Nice flats – Another Traditions staple.
  • Slacks – Besides Traditions, I probably won’t be wearing these.
  • Nice shirt – Three guesses and the first two don’t count. What’s this for? 🙂
  • Sunglasses – I am notoriously bad at breaking/losing/generally maiming these, so $5 cheapos for me!
  • Bathing suit – I really need a good Disney themed one, but navy with polka dots will work for now. Also, this includes a rashguard and boardshorts. Less exposed skin = less sunscreen. #Gingerprobs
  • Beach towel – Specifically, a little mermaid one because what better princess than Ariel to keep me company at the waterparks?
  • Bath towels – Just got some red and black ones, the perfect colors for a Disney lover
  • Chacos – These shoes I got when I worked at summer camp, and they actually are super nice to walk around in all day.
  • Converse – These are my dedicated park shoes. Wore them all three days last trip.
  • Flip flops – You can’t go to the waterparks without ’em.
  • Toothpaste – Kinda a given.
  • Toothbrush – Ditto.
  • Makeup – Thankfully I’m not a super heavy makeup person, so I won’t have to pack much.
  • Bras – No explanation needed.
  • Bath mat – I really want a Mickey one, but I have a black one so that’ll do for now.
  • Hairspray – Gotta keep those hairstyles in place.
  • Lotion – Not sure If I’m going to need this as much as I do in Phoenix.
  • Hangers – There’s no way I’m fitting everything in my dresser.
  • Laundry bag – The chances of us being in Commons is pretty small, so I’ll need this to carry everything.
  • Passport card – Another document for the new job process.
  • Laptop & charger – What good blogger/vlogger/student can survive without one?
  • Camera & equipment (battery, charger, tripod, lenses) – I must appease my inner film student 🙂
  • Phone & charger (2 chargers, one for room, one for park) – With as much as I record on my phone, it’s going to perpetually die. I might have to grab an extra battery or mobile charger…
  • Earbuds – Life is a music video only you can hear 🙂
  • Backpack – Gonna need something to carry all my park essentials with! Keep an eye out for the “What’s in my park bag?” post that will inevitably come.
  • Power strip – There’s probably not going to be enough outlets in our apartment.
  • Ethernet cord – That internet life.
  • Command hooks/strips – For hanging decorations. No one likes blank walls!
  • Decor – Disney themed, of course 😉
  • Sunscreen – Again, #Gingerprobs
  • Hairbrush – Another given.
  • Nail polish/remover – I’ve recently become attached to red nails. It must be the Minnie lover in me.
  • Ariel/Mulan outfits – Disneybounding for life.

To Buy/Ship There

  • Raincoat – Rain is unpredictable, and since I don’t actually own one of these, I’m gonna need it.
  • Rain boots – Again, I live in Phoenix. Totally don’t have these.
  • Gloves – I do have a pair of knit gloves, but they catch on my ring, so I’m thinking a different pair is in order.
  • Mattress pad – No one likes sleeping on the standard issue mattresses. Might as well make them nicer.
  • Shampoo/conditioner/soap – I really don’t feel like dealing with these at the airport, or them exploding in my suitcase.

Hopefully this post has been helpful with all of your DCP packing questions. If I didn’t add something you think should be on there or just have anything to ask in general, feel free to drop me a line in the comments 🙂



Author: Rebecca Leahy

Hey, my name's Rebecca. I am college senior who blogs in my off time. According to my friends, I also take far too many pictures and sing Disney songs just a little too often. but hey, whatever makes life interesting.

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