My Latest Disney Trip: Day 3

Our third and final day at the parks was far more laid back and relaxing. By this point, we’d done most of what we had wanted to accomplish and the crowds had lessened, so it was much more enjoyable.

We headed over to Disneyland first so that we could meet more characters and go a couple rides again (ahem, Pirates, which is one of the best rides ever haha). On our way down main street, we actually came across Christmas Mickey, so naturally we stopped to take a picture with him.


I also dressed in as much Minnie Mouse clothing as I had, which included a red Minnie shirt you can’t see under my jacket, my Minnie ears, a charm bracelet with Mickey, Minnie, and the 60th anniversary castle on it, and a Minnie Mouse watch πŸ™‚

Next we headed over to Toontown because I hadn’t been there yet. My mother-in-law convinced me that I needed to go on Rodger Rabbit, and I haven’t actually seen the movie but the ride was super fun. Right outside the exit for the ride there’s a door that says “don’t open”, which, in Disney, naturally means you should open it. My mother-in-law decided to do so and screamed when the sound and lights meant to simulate an explosion appeared haha.

I took a few pictures around the fountain and by Goofy’s house because Isaac’s favorite character is Mickey, so of course I had to. Speaking of the boys, they were still in the hotel at this time slowly getting up and ready for the day. There was no way I was sleeping in when I could go to Disneyland!

After I took pictures by Goofy’s house, Malane and I headed over to meet both Mickey and Minnie. Mickey was in his Fantasmic outfit and Minnie was in her classic polka dot dress πŸ™‚


PlutoΒ was also hanging around, and he’s Malane’s favorite character so there’s no way we were leaving without getting another picture with him.


Overall, our entire trip to Disney was the most magical thing I’ve experienced in a very long time. The fact that I got engaged there just added to the experience, and it’s not going to be forgotten for a very long time.


Author: Rebecca Bryant

Hey, my name's Rebecca. I am recent college grad who blogs in my off time. According to my friends, I also take far too many pictures and sing Disney songs just a little too often. but hey, whatever makes life interesting.

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